Far Below Retail
"where friends don't let friends pay retail"

Come Furnish Your Most Relaxing Desires

High quality and fashionable.

Why should high quality fashionable Saint Louis Furniture be so outrageously priced? Well, we don't think it should. So we set out to change an industry that hasn't changed much in 30 years. Far Below Retail Saint Louis strategically displays sample pieces from a variety of manufacturers specifically selected for what we call 'value to experience ratio,' while offering a full range of furnishings through catalogs. Looking past the names and the hype to find those styles and brands that offer the best bang for your buck is where we shine. We like to consider ourselves one of those rare companies where our pricing allows you to 'have your bed and the nightstands too!' How do we accomplish such an amazing feat? Through maintaining strict expense and inventory controls while obsessively watching the market for the newest trends at the best possible value. Our Saint Louis and Columbia MO Furniture stores are designed with "no frills". We know that for most of us, buying a mattress is like buying new tires. It's the last thing you want to do, but for your health, comfort and safety, at some point you just got to do it. Our favorite compliment is when our customers tell us it was so much quicker and not nearly as painful as they thought it would be, in fact it was actually fun. We work one on one with our customers in a non-commission based, relaxed yet informed environment, the kind of furniture mattress store we'd want to shop at. Our simple straight forward displays save money and we pass those savings on to you.